03 Dec 2021

What Does A Financial Planner Do?

Sometimes, it can be daunting to open your bank account and see how much you have spent within the week. After looking at your bank balance, the thought of budgeting crosses your mind and although you may attempt to do it, it doesn’t last very long - commitment is a hard thing, we know. But being financially responsible doesn't have to be a difficult thing - not with the help of a financial planner. The name itself can be intimidating but trust us when we say, they are not there to scare you but to help you.

Who Are Financial Planners?

Financial planners are there to help you achieve long-term financial goals by setting up little milestones and thoroughly drawing up a program that would assist you in achieving this. So whether you are struggling to hit a milestone like purchasing a home, planning your retirement, or simply just wanting to manage your finances to avoid complications in the future, consider a financial planner. There is a bit of a hiccup when it comes to distinguishing between a financial planner and an adviser but ultimately, the difference lies in the services it offers. Financial advisors are used in a broader scope and are those who help you manage your money. When it comes to crunching down the numbers and devising a plan to manage your finances, that is where financial planners come into play.

What Do Financial Planners Do?

There are so many things that require financial management. Here are different sectors a financial planner can help you with:


Within the realm of insurance, financial planners are able to provide services in:

●     Family insurance evaluation and insurance claim assistance

●     Life insurance cover evaluation and implementation in case of illness, injury, or death

●     Comprehensive personal insurance advice

●     Income protection insurance advice

●     Regular insurance policy review


●     Superannuation fund amalgamation with correct entitlement check

●     Investment advice for long term wealth accumulation

●     Self-managed superannuation fund advice (new and existing funds)


●     Investment advice for long term wealth accumulation

●     Attitude to risk analysis

●     Ongoing evaluation of your investment strategy

●     Investment strategy explanation

●     Personalised investment matrix

Retirement Planning

●     Pre-retirement lifestyle planning discussions

●     Comprehensive financial planning

●     Post-retirement planning discussion

●     Retirement transition strategy preparation and evaluation

●     Age pension eligibility calculation and funding advice

●     Centrelink nominee service liaison on your behalf

●     Income strategy for retirement

●     Aged care advice


●     Financial planning advice for your employees

●     A personalised ‘My Super Simulator’ report, highlighting where their super is now, what their retirement projection looks like
and identifying potential ways to improve it

●     At work seminars and Super chats

●     Flexible financial advice options

Leave It To The Professionals

Who said financial planning should be a dreadful process? With the help of experts like GJ Private Wealth, we can help you by stringing together the steps to achieving your financial goals. So if you are looking for a financial planner based in Sutherland Shire, GJ Private Health can provide assistance. We also offer other financial services like financial advice. To speak with our team of financial planners in the Sutherland Shire about what we can do for you, call us on (02) 8539 7999 or visit our website https://www.gjprivatewealth.com.au/ for more information.